Aceler Chua

Design Portfolio

List of Works

  • Cinema Ticketing System

    Cinema Ticket System is a design proposal I made for a major cinema chain in the Philippines.
    The project aims to increase conversions of registrations and ticket sales
    with better interactions and experience.

    User interface, Interaction design, User journey and experience

  • Craft Coffee Revolution—Online Presence

    Craft Coffee Revolution surely is one of the best coffee shop in the Metro Manila.
    With six branches throughout Metro Manila and still expanding,
    They realized they will need a better online presence.

    Web, Brand strategy

  • Form Function & Class 7

    Form Function & Class is a web design conference created by volunteers,
    dedicated to the local community in Asia,
    held in the sunny—sometimes crazy rainy—shores of the Philippines.

    Visual identity, Art direction, Web

  • Freewrite

    Freewrite is an online writing app created for writers to write freely and preliminarily.
    It aims to help writers in creating better ideas in the early stage of writing.

    Web, User interface, Tool

  • The Approach Card

    If you’ve liked or loved someone,
    you probably have got into a situation where you don’t know how to approach them.
    In your mind, you know all you need is open your mouth and say something,
    but you just can’t do it because you’re shy.

    Interaction, Experimental